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Charmed Traveler


Charmed Traveler is a perfectly curated fun bracelet with space to add additional memories.

The bracelet is a beautiful solid link; crafted in 14K Italian gold. Measures 7” Adorned with 14k and 18K charms.

weight is a whopping 52.50 grams! 

A homage to travel…

Italy Charms:

  • The Duomo 
  • The bialetti

France Charms:

  • Arc de Triomphe
  • The Eiffel Tower

Mexico charms:

  • Peso charm in bezel 

New York Charm:

  • Twin Towers

Las Vegas Charms:

  • Slot machine 
  • Full deck of cards 

San Francisco:

  • Street Trolly 


  • Moon & Sun Faces 
  • Aries Sign 
  • Aztec Calendar 

 Vintage bracelet aproximate date: 1950-1990s