Fine Vintage Jewelry & Diamond Engagement Rings


Heirloom Pavé was founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California by Artist & Jewelry Designer, Ariane Lauer. Heirloom Pavé, which was first a concept, was born from an increasing number of clients who offered their old jewelry as scrap in exchange for new pieces.  Ariane's love of repurposing client's family stones and heirloom jewelry caught traction, and the same clients who sold their scrap, were returning to buy back their old for a revitalized piece of art that extended beyond visual appreciation and monetary value, to a priceless, family heirloom. There was something she found so romantic about repurposing a piece of jewelry for the next generation to enjoy, which may be a part of their family's history, or simply the appreciation for the beauty of the old. She began sourcing unique, vintage and antique pieces to restore and present to the world again.  

Heirloom Pavé not only offers a curation of old, high quality, vintage and antique jewelry, but a wide selection of high quality new pieces. Over the years we have built relationships with the leading diamond cutters & distributors of the world. We offer only the highest quality of ethically sourced stones.   

Heirloom Pavé prides itself with a stellar reputation for the finest custom jewelry, ahead of bridal trends with a commitment to classic, timeless design. Heirloom Pavé's love story starts and ends with you.