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East West Oval Brilliant Diamond Engagement


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East West Oval 

A non-traditional engagement ring with a beautiful unique shape.
Crafted in buttery 18K Yellow gold.
The shank is a fun & daintily hexagon shape. The sides are a satin finish with a high polish finish on the top of the shank.

Shank measures: 1.57mm
The oval is a magnificent Lab Grown diamond of H/VS2 clarity. It is 1.80ct but measures like a 2ct.
It’s sparkle is amazing, in both indoor and outdoor lightning.
The stone is held in by a 4 prong with a low profile basket.

Designs by HEIRLOOM PAVÉ are crafted locally in San Francisco. All materials are ethically sourced and inspected by a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Oval diamond lab grown is a type of diamond that has been created in a laboratory setting rather than mined from the earth. It is cut in the shape of an oval and has the same chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular due to their ethical sourcing, lower cost compared to mined diamonds, and unique color and size options. These diamonds are growing in popularity for use in engagement rings and other jewelry due to their beauty, durability and environmental sustainability.