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Smokey Topaz & Citrine Tennis Bracelet


Introducing a timeless vintage piece that exudes elegance and sophistication: the tennis bracelet with oval-cut citrine and Smokey topaz gemstones, totaling a breathtaking 20 carats. Nestled within a resplendent 14k yellow gold setting, this bracelet captures the essence of luxury and style.

The warm, golden hues of oval-cut citrine gems bring a touch of sunshine to your wrist, while the enigmatic allure of Smokey topaz adds a depth and richness to the ensemble. Their complementary colors create a harmonious balance, making this bracelet a versatile choice that can accompany you to a formal event or simply elevate your everyday attire.

The 14k yellow gold setting, with its vintage charm, enhances the beauty of these gemstones. Its intricate details and warm undertones harken back to an era of craftsmanship and artistry. The secure clasp ensures that this precious piece remains a part of your collection for years to come.

  • Metal: 14k Yellow gold 
  • Weight: 8.14 grams 
  • Length: 7.5” 
  • Width: 5mm 
  • Stones: Smokey Topaz & Citrine 
  • Carat Weight: Approximately 20-22carat
  • Vintage era: 1990s