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The Celestial Crest


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Introducing the exquisite crest pendant, a radiant masterpiece crafted in 14k yellow gold with a captivating brushed finish. This pendant is a fusion of elegance and celestial allure, designed to capture hearts and imaginations alike.

At its core, this pendant features a crescent-shaped half moon fashioned from the rich, royal blue lapis lazuli. This celestial fragment is not just a gem but a portal to the night sky, with its deep azure hue reminiscent of a moonlit night. Nestled within this crest  is a round cabochon moonstone, its milky opalescence mirroring the moon's ethereal glow on a clear evening.

But what truly sets this pendant apart is the constellation of stars that dance above the lapis moon. Eight delicate stars, each adorned with a round brilliant diamonds. These diamonds, with their scintillating brilliance, evoke the sparkling stars in the vast cosmos, casting a radiant light on the pendant's surface.

The brushed finish on the 14k yellow gold background provides a subtle texture, reminiscent of stardust scattered across the night sky. This finish enhances the pendant's sophistication, adding depth and dimension to the overall design.

Adorn yourself with this pendant, and let the stars and moon accompany you wherever you go, illuminating your path with their timeless splendor.

Chain sold separately. 

  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold 
  • Lapis: 3.31 Ct.
  • Moonstone: .57ct 
  • Diamonds: .04ct 
  • Weight: 4.24 grams 
  • Height with bail: 30.85mm
  • Width: 18.33mm
  • Depth (not including moonstone) 2.57mm
  • Back is engravable upon request.